The life changing magic of tidying up your Instagram posts

Wondering how to hide your Instagram hashtags for that perfect, tidy post? If you’ve been laying all your hashtags out on display for the world wide web to see, you may want to tidy up that post and tuck them away like so. 

Tidy Instagram post with hashtags hidden


Step 1:  Create a new note in the notes app on your phone. See photo below for example.  You can use periods, (.) hashtags (#), or other punctuations for each line before inserting your custom hashtags. I like to do 6 lines of periods then add my hashtags. (Instagram will allow up to 30 hashtags per post) 

Step 2: Once your note is ready you can 'select all' then 'copy' and 'paste' the text of the note into a separate comment after you post the photo. 


If you want to get fancy and set up shortcuts in your keyboard, you can try following these tips

I hope this helps you crush your next Instagram post!